That is a horror that may never again be recreated.

Holy shit

photobomb from beyond the grave

okay but when you flip it you get


this website i swear

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where did this myth of the teenage temptress who lies about their age to seduce the older man come from?

grown men who dont want to take responsibility for their actions and like to place the blame on the most relevant easy target probably

^^^And grown men who are obsessed with younger women who think being okay with “all ages” means that they just have a quirky kink.

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Twilight has problems with misogyny and with abusive relationships. I don’t want to sugar-coat that. But if you, dear reader, are going around saying that Twilight is proof that girls are all stupid-heads who want a brooding vampire to stalk and abuse them, then you are being misogynistic.

In all my years of life, I have never heard anyone seriously speculate that the popularity of femme fatales in fiction means that all men secretly yearn for an abusive relationship; yet in the time since Twilight was released, I have heard the meme that all girls wish to be abused more times than I can count. This is a failure of understanding the difference between fantasy and reality, and it is a “failure” that conveniently props up existing misogynistic narratives about how women who stay with abusers stay because they secretly want to be abused rather than because they are groomed (by both their abuser and the larger society) to stay with their abuser, and because society does not empower them to leave. This is a comforting lie we tell ourselves because it’s easier to blame abuse victims than acknowledge that we are failing them.


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This, and ditto for “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

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"Brozen," "Bronies," what it all means is "I am so insecure about what I like that I MUST rebrand it as masculine before associating with it."

i read it more as “i hate girls and femininity so much that i am insulted at even the idea that i might have something in common with them”. like, i have a very hard time believing that it’s insecurity and not outright hatred that fuels that kind of thing.

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Dana McCallum, male senior Twitter programmer and self-proclaimed “transgender woman” charged with three felony counts of rape








Lesbian radical feminist blogger Gallus Mag has been locked out of her own blog. While Wordpress won’t tell her WHY exactly, she suspects that it’s because of this post.

This has been ongoing for days and they still have not restored her access to her blog.

Males stick together, even when one of the males is pretending to be a woman. And ESPECIALLY when that male is a RAPIST.

This is upsetting.
And the TERFs aren’t making it better.

We aren’t here to make it better for dudes and dude rapists.

Trans women are not men.
Rapists are rapists and disgusting creatures.
But trans women are not men.

Men rape women and we as women are allowed to call men what they are. He used his PENIS and HE raped HER. This is NOT up for discussion.

STOP allowing these ~*radikewl genderqueer/genderspecial snowflake*~ cultists and pseudo social “scientists” bastardize language, all because they’re going through a “fuck you, health/anatomy/physiology/biology teacher" phase. And STOP the erasure- and pathologizing of the female experience and our bodies. Call out the agents of our disenfranchisement and oppression: males, regardless of how they identify themselves.

yes, don’t let male rapists have the honor of being called women or lesbian, while they behave like any other male accused of rape ie: blame the victim by calling her crazy and accuse her of crying rape for money, never mind that she is filing criminal charges and not suing for damages, never mind that in California she is entitled to half of the assets in a divorce, and never mind that if Dana is in prison, he’s not much good for paying spousal support and lets not talk about the teen age child that heard their mother yell “no” through a closed door. Forget how shady this asshole is acting, nah just focus on a man’s right to be called “her” even when accused of rape which is defined in California as forcible penetration with a penis

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checks grades

*bastille voice* how am i gonna be an optimist about this

well if you close your eyes

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im so bored here theres no one arouundd i wanna go out and party some time wah :(

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Mommy teaching babby easier water drinking way because drinking water is hard experience u get it in your nose. Jesus how she puts her paw on his head in the second one. Such concern and love.


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